Camp Mariah

Camp Mariah, named after the singer Mariah Carey, is a camp facility for the Fresh Air Fund’s Career Awareness Program consisting of 22 structures on a hilly and difficult nine-acre site, near the still waters of Lake Beaver.  It is located in the Fishkill compound of camps dedicated to providing opportunities to urban kids to experience rural nature while in a creative learning experience. The structures were built with 6” exterior wood and glass walls clad on the exterior with red cedar with pine wood wainscot throughout the interior spaces.  Extensive use of standard windows units allowed for maximum awareness of the environment while at the same time simplifying the construction and keeping the costs in line with the budget.  The larger dining room is structured with exposed glue-laminated columns and beams creating a soaring space with broad vistas of Lake Beaver, the focus of the camp. 

New York, NY
Agency: NONE
Cost: $6,500,000
Completed: 1993
Project Credits