The Conselyea Condominiums

The project consists of 7 apartments in a new five-story building located in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. The modern facade utilizes an asymmetrical pattern of stucco, a projecting cypress- covered wood bay, horizontal windows and steel framed balcony to contrast with the symmetrical, multi-textured facades of the neighborhood. The front facade is designed so the stucco plane aligns with the setback plan of the neighboring building at 133 while the wood bay projects out to align with the adjacent building at 137 Conselyea Street. 

 Duplex apartments are the more typical format with the kitchen/living room and one bedroom on the entry level and an additional bedroom located either above or below.  In between are one bedroom units on one level.  Each ground level apartment is connected to additional living space in the cellar.  The plans provide light-filled spaces that take advantage of the maximum available square footage for residential use.

135 Conselyea Street
Brooklyn, NY
Agency: Market Rate
Cost: $1,400,000
Completed: 2009
low-VOC paint
Project Credits
E & H