Harlem Infill Condominiums

The project consists of fourteen condominium apartments in two rehabilitated buildings located at the south east corner of 116th Street and Manhattan Avenue. The two buildings are joined by a common fire stair and elevator/lobby core in a newly constructed link between the two buildings. The design used Quality Housing regulations of the NYC Zoning Resolution to maximize floor area. The two existing structures were 5 stories high with a full cellar below grade. Each building has been extended vertically to include a Penthouse, with the new core providing access to all floors via the fire stair and elevator.

Both Buildings were Old Law tenements originally constructed around 1900. They were abandoned and left vacant for many years and the only vestige of the tenement type of construction is the ornamental stone and brick façades and the fire escapes, which were refurbished as a second means of egress.  The under market rate apartments sold quickly in the newly revived economy of Harlem. 


374 Manhattan Avenue
New York, NY
Agency: Market Rate
Cost: $3,500,000
Completed: 2006
Project Credits