Islamic Center of Long Island - Mosque & School

A trip to the mosques of Isfahan and Shiraz, Iran, was one of the inspirations for the design of the ICLI. The religious and educational center combines traditional Islamic features in a new, dynamic way to represent their translation to the American context.  The original building consisted of a 7,000sf mosque completed about 25 years ago.  The second phase of construction, is an addition of a school with community facilities and administrative uses.  The 19,000 square foot, 2-story plus full cellar addition to the mosque includes new ablution (ritual washing) spaces, 12 classrooms, a day care room, administrative offices, a library, a community hall, and a café lounge.  

The mosque, the extended East facing qibla wall (direction of prayer) and the new addition wrap around 4 sides of a central courtyard, which is the new exterior gathering place and can be used as an outdoor prayer space during special holidays. The entry to the courtyard through the qibla wall is framed by three grand pointed arches. A mosaic tile fountain and complementary tile patterned courtyard enhance the special quality of this new space. Two new iwans  (traditional large scaled two story window and doorway enframements indicating the cardinal directions) at the west and north of the courtyard, are combined with the existing  iwan on the south side of the courtyard. These elements are common to Eastern mosques which are mostly spaces open to the sky and surrounded by walls. Additional parking and site work has been incorporated in the design to meet the parking needs of the community. 

835 Brush Hollow Road
Westbury, NY
Agency: NONE
Cost: $4,500,000
Completed: 2014 Anticipated
Project Credits