Northside Townhall Community and Cultural Center


Northside Townhall Community and Cultural Center is a community center located in a former  firehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The Community and Cultural Center will house a gallery/community  space, offices, classrooms, and conference rooms.  The firehouse is landmarked and extensive studies are to be completed to maintain the historic elements.  All new construction at the exterior and interior of the building are to respect the existing building.  The multi-paned glazed front door as described in the proposal is modeled after the existing firehouse door. We have assumed that the fire-engine red door is symbolic of the previous use and will be a distinguishing feature of the new use.  As a firehouse there was a fire pole from the communal living spaces on the upper floors to the ground floor for the firemen to respond to emergencies. We intend to re-create this feature as a reminder of this historical element within the gallery space.  The original decorative cast iron staircase at the rear of the first floor will be retained for re-use, connecting the cellar, first floor and second floor.  

134 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Agency: HPD, Private funding
Cost: $3,000,000
Completed: anticipated 2014
pursuing NYSERDA New Construction credit
Project Credits
Neighbors Allied for Good Growth
People's Firehouse