Prospero Hall

Prospero Hall is a permanent housing development for homeless veterans and low-income single adults residing in East Harlem. This residence is being developed by The Lantern Organization with funding from HPD and tax credits from HCR.  The project is located at the south east corner of East 118th Street and Park Avenue, is six-stories high, and consists of eighty-six studios and a super’s apartment.  To the immediate south of Prospero Hall is The Magic Garden, a green thumb garden that will remain preserved as a result of this development.

The façade features classical proportions, an ashlar stone base, large windows with cast stone surrounds, and an articulated cornice.  The building is fully handicapped accessible with wide corridors and two elevators, and bathrooms and kitchenettes that meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards?. Counseling offices are provided, as well as a teaching kitchen adjoining the community room, and a landscaped rear yard. Sustainable design features include the use of materials high in recycled content with low VOC levels, lighting that exceeds code performance by 58%, high–efficiency condensing boilers, and high-efficiency elevators.

The site’s close proximity to the elevated MetroNorth railroad tracks requires a well-insulated cavity wall system, the installation of sound attenuating windows, and a centralized HVAC design that does not rely on the windows being open. These combined measures act to mitigate outside noise.

110 East 118th Street
New York, NY
Agency: HCR, HPD
Cost: $15,100,000
Completed: 2015
Heat pump units, cavity wall insulation, low-VOC paint and flooring, reflective EPDM roof
Project Credits
Ysrael A. Seinuk, PC
Prego Consulting Engineers
A Larovere Consultants
Bruno Frustaci Contracting, Inc.