Public School 152

PS 152 is a 90,000 sf addition to and modernization of an existing turn-of-the-century grade school. The original building was designed by the famous C.B.J. Snyder in the late 19th century.  The final construction demonstrates our ability to create a significant new addition, respectful of the original schoolhouse while creatively developing a response to present-day needs.

The exterior façade scheme derives its proportions and materials from the existing building. The texture is a rich amalgam of blended bricks, pre-cast elements, string courses to establish a datum, tall multi-façeted and multi-lit windows with an infill of glass block and red tile accents. Gothic elements are used playfully to reference the original structure.

The expanded PS 152 program includes: the complete renovation of the gym; a 500-seat cafeteria with a state-of-the-art kitchen and serving lines; eleven kindergarten rooms; art, science and library rooms, new administration facilities; and a complex of new and upgraded mechanical systems.

725 East 23rd Street
Brooklyn, NY
Agency: SCA
Cost: $30,000,000
Completed: 1998
Project Credits
Albert P. Kung PE, Lehr Associates, Tratoros Construction, TDX-Becom