Shiloh Housing

Shiloh Senior Housing is a collaboration between Westhab and Shiloh CDC to develop a 40-unit residence in New Rochelle, NY.  Funded by HUD, The City of New Rochelle, and HCR the building is 45,000 sf and 5-stories, designed in a Tudor style to reflect the surrounding neighborhood characteristics. The articulated parapet walls are suggestive of dormers and the oriel-style bay windows keep it in character with other buildings of its scale. 

There is a community room, an exercise room, laundry facilities on each floor, and offices for supportive services for tenants and the community.  The grounds are landscaped with planted walkways, seating areas, and a gazebo.  Stairs and a ramp connecting the new residence to Shiloh Baptist Church, immediately adjacent to the site, for shared use of communal spaces. Sustainable design features in the project include a well-insulated exterior cavity wall system, energy star light fixtures and appliances, and low-flow plumbing fixtures.  

29 Kress Ave
New Rochelle, NY
Agency: HCR, HUD
Cost: $9,100,000
Completed: 2012
cavity wall construction, native plants, energy star lighting and appliances, low flow fixtures
Project Credits
Demerara Engineering
SJC Consulting Engineers
Pouder Design Group
Brian Sullivan Housing Consultants
Bogdan Aftanas
Sisca Northeast