The Washington

The Washington residential complex includes a new six story mixed-use building on the corner of West 148th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard and a series of rehabilitated tenement buildings immediately adjacent.  The new building at the corner includes 15 family-sized apartments above the ground floor retail space, while the rehabilitated buildings house an additional 89 spacious apartments, for a total of 104 units in the complex. The rehabilitation of the seven contiguous New Law tenements included the historic restoration of a 280 foot long brick façade on West 148th Street to meet SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) requirements.  However, rather than maintaining the seven walk-up buildings as separate structures, they were combined into a single, fully handicapped-accessible building by inserting a central corridor and two new elevators.

Two centralized entry lobbies serve the building, with new entrances accessible by both stairs and handicapped ramps woven into the street fabric. Large windows take the place of the old entry doors at the remaining 5 entrances, retaining the surrounding decorative stonework and maintaining the rhythm and character of the street facade.  Development area was maximized in the converted tenement buildings by means of duplex units that created usable space in the cellar that otherwise would have been unused and by incorporating narrow light wells into the floor plan as elevators, stairs or custodial closets.  



229-255 W 148th Street
New York, NY
Agency: Private funding
Cost: $13,000,000
Completed: 2004
Project Credits