Wazobia House

Wazobia House in Brooklyn, NY is a co-development project by the Bedford-Stuyvesant based organizations Black Veterans for Social Justice, supporting veterans with housing and employment assistance, and Longlife Community Development Corporation, a group devoted to assisting local residents struggling with mental health issues to live and thrive in their communities.

The 42 studio apartments house formerly homeless residents in a supportive environment that includes counseling services and community space for group activities. The building is set several feet below street level, with terraces setting back from the street in this low density zone, providing a five-story building that fits in comfortably with the neighboring row houses. Courtyards and light wells open up the cellar community and office areas to light and air, allowing the building to maintain its low profile on quiet Van Buren Street.

Wazobia is a combination of the word “come” in the dialects of three Nigerian tribes, Yoruba, Hausa, and  Igbo.  It thus stands for Coming Together and represents unity and community. 

(Wa= Yoruba, Zo=Hausa, Bia=Igbo)  

31 Van Buren Street
Brooklyn, NY
Agency: HPD
Cost: $6,600,000
Completed: 2009
energy star appliances and lighting, cavity insulation, rubber flooring, low VOC paints
Project Credits
Delight Construction Corporation
Demerara Engineering
Cham Estimating