Max brings precision and refinement to both his personal style and to his architectural work, and is an unfailing resource for judgments on issues of design large and small. His friendly and cheerful approach supports his drive to work through the varied constraints to get a detail just right.

Max has been involved in all aspects of work at UAI, whether developing construction documents, producing renderings, handling the various marketing tasks that are sent his way or helping colleagues with technical software issues. He makes a point of working closely with the various sales representatives for architectural products to develop the projects as needed to ensure that the visual aspects of the design do not get set aside. Max has been critical to the successful development of the office’s multifamily housing projects such as the Marion Avenue Residence in the Bronx. His studies of different architectural cultures, including Italian, German, Scandinavian and Japanese have infused his thinking about each project, from the function or movement of the design to the details he wants to express.