Installation in Parc de la Villette

Yuhang brings his intellectual curiosity to everything he does with the office, whether designing graphics, specifying the best possible bathroom accessory or developing a façade system. Without question, he also has the best t-shirts in the office, hands down.

Soaking up knowledge like a sponge, Yuhang reflects carefully on his work, and has steadily worked to build up his experience in architectural detailing and what it takes to actually construct a building. With past experience in both theoretically-driven and globally-focused architectural firms, he has smoothly transitioned into work at UAI and learned to take the initiative that comes with his new responsibilities. Yuhang contributes in many ways, using his studies in landscape architecture and construction research to ameliorate various projects he’s worked on. His work on one of the major projects in the office, a 100,000 SF residential building in Brooklyn, has been dedicated and thorough, affording him a view of the building process from schematic explorations to eventual construction and completion.