"Coexist" original thesis work

Gamal brings all his energy and focus to bear on whatever he does, whether volunteering, working or staying more physically fit than most people only aspire to. A consummate team player, he believes strongly in the power of architecture to transform and enrich lives.

After starting his career as one of a few architects in a world-renowned engineering office, Gamal has welcomed the chance to immerse himself in the nitty-gritty details of architecture here at UAI. Sharing his technical Revit knowledge generously, and tirelessly lending support to his co-workers on some of the office’s largest and most complex projects, Gamal is in turn quickly accruing the practical experience that will allow him to follow his dream of becoming an accomplished architect. Careful and gregarious in equal measure, Gamal’s abilities have made him a vital part of the office effort to design buildings and spaces that revitalize the city and its many residents.