Marc exudes a quiet confidence and uncanny ability to make things work better, in matters related to design and beyond. Always willing go the extra mile (or 1.6 kilometers), his perception and diligence make him a strong designer and key team member.

In his native France, Marc worked in a wide variety of architectural settings in between obtaining an astonishing number of master’s degrees. Notably, he was instrumental in the renovation and construction of retail stores and transport hubs throughout Europe and North Africa for a large French conglomerate. He was also involved in urban studies for several large cities, as well as design work at a building scale for theatres and hotels. He brings a fresh pair of eyes to UAI’s work, gently questioning why things are done a certain way and giving us an outsider’s perspective to make changes and improvements. He is an integral part of the Beach 21st Street project team designing a key addition to the urban fabric of Far Rockaway, Queens.