The restoration and rebirth of the Hertlein & Schlatter Building in the South Bronx represents an exemplary preservation project that involved the conversion of a long-forgotten and dilapidated nineteenth-century industrial building into rental apartments for low and moderate income families.

Since a fire in the early 1980’s caused extensive damage to the exterior masonry and the interior structure, many people called for the building’s demolition as it became a shelter for drug users and appeared unsafe to passers-by. In 1998, South Bronx Overall Development Organization (SOBRO) and L&M Equities joined together as development partners in the rehabilitation of the building. Due to the poor condition of the structure following the fire, restoration required the repair and replacement of large areas of original brick. An exhaustive search turned up replacement bricks that matched the color, size and texture of the one-hundred-year old originals.

In the interior, the building’s structural members were preserved and exposed. In the original 1887 portion of the building, the apartment units retain the industrial character of the historic building with exposed wood columns, cast iron columns, brick piers and tall ceilings. In the later addition, riveted steel columns punctuate the hallways. Wood girders and brick piers remain exposed throughout the apartments.

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    454 E148th Street Bronx, NY

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    Wayman C. Wing Consulting Engineers
    Abraham Joselow PC