Mesa Verde

Jorge’s strong sense of social and environmental justice activism informs his multidisciplinary approach to equitable, resilient and sustainable design.

Jorge brings conscious design, space planning, and place-making along with an acute knowledge of the NYC zoning resolution, building code and other municipal regulations to all his projects. He believes that a thoughtful approach to architecture can transform our relationships with one another and our relationship to the physical environment. His interest in social architecture brought him to UAI in 2005, where he has since become a principal in 2015.

Jorge’s detail-oriented nature and overall jack-of-all trades knowledge base makes him suited to oversee several areas of the office, from reviewing graphic marketing material, assisting on BIM and accounting software integration, and streamlining project management tracking among his countless other commitments. He steers the firm’s initiative for greater integration of sustainability and passive house design goals into all UAI projects.

Jorge is a registered architect in New York State, LEED Accredited Professional and Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD).