Inca Ruins of Moray

A born and bred New Yorker with a ready smile, Silvia never misses a beat no matter what challenges get thrown at her. She possesses a natural poise for problem solving, whether dealing with a tricky zoning calculation or how to fit everyone’s lunch in the office mini-fridge.

Capable and humble, Silvia has drawn on her past architectural experience to quickly become an integral part of the design team here at UAI. Her formidable memory serves her well in retaining all sorts of relevant details, from the broad scale of happenings within New York City’s building industry, to the minutiae of compiling a comprehensive drawing set.  Silvia gets the job done with a pleasant manner and unpretentious competence, never hesitating to help out her co-workers. From working on a health center within a landmarked development in Crown Heights to a mid-rise residential building in Bedford Stuyvesant, her skill at balancing multiple tasks and needs makes Silvia indispensable.