Ana’s Place is the home to 42 extended-stay residents with mental disorders administered by Heritage, Health and Housing and sponsored by the NYS Office of Mental Health. The building is situated on an acutely angled lot along Convent Avenue, a steep and historic street in Harlem. UAI designed the building to respond to its site by subdividing the facade into four vertical bays. The bays cascade along the façade, creating an identity for the individual efficiency units on each floor. To address the steep site, a split-level scheme was utilized for the common spaces on the first floor, creating the lobby on a lower entry level and offices and lounge on the higher first floor level.

Brick detailing at the base and cornice help the building fit in seamlessly to the historic neighborhood. Interior finishes that are durable and easily maintained by the tenants, who are learning life skills, have been installed at the apartments. The site is located in a residential zone and a manufacturing zone which resulted in a reconfiguration of the interior spaces, providing offices and a lounge on the first floor.

  • Location

    44 Convent Avenue, Manhattan, NY

  • Client

    Heritage Health and Housing

  • Agency


  • Completed


  • Cost

    $8 million

  • Team

    Wayman C Wing Consulting Engineers
    A. Joselow Consulting Eng.
    Richard L. Cumerford
    Artemis Development
    G. Fazio Construction Co