1344 Clinton Avenue is a 7-story building located in the Bronx developed by Urban Pathways. The building houses 81 studios, a community room, laundry room, commercial-grade kitchen and cafeteria. The fully landscaped rear yard, with vegetable garden plots, provides a comfortable and relaxing outdoor recreational space for the residents.

Each residential floor has a quiet common computer room and a sitting area adjacent to the elevator core. A fully staffed program office in the cellar offers residents support services to provide information and assist in their daily routines.

  • Location

    1344 Clinton Avenue, Bronx, NY

  • Client

    Urban Pathways

  • Agency


  • Completed


  • Cost

    $15.3 million

  • Team

    WCW Consulting Engineers
    EMTG Consultants
    Cham Estimating
    L. Riso and Sons Contracting
    Artemis Development