Public School 152 in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn is a $25-million modernization of and addition to an existing turn-of-the-century grade school. The project restored historically significant interiors and facades of the 1907 structure, and upgraded the gymnasium and classroom areas of the 1907 and 1952 buildings. The 50,000 sf addition is respectful of the original building while successfully developing a response to contemporary needs.

P.S. 152 houses a 500-seat cafeteria and kitchen, kindergartens, library, art and science facilities, administrative offices and community spaces on three levels. The addition completes a block-sized circulation path, integrating and simplifying the internal organization, and creating a new 8,000sf protected courtyard for student recreation and community events. The project’s large scale is broken down through varied massing, rhythmic fenestration, and decorative brickwork to better respond to its residential context.

The exterior facade scheme derived its proportions and materials from the existing building. The texture is a rich amalgam of blended bricks to match the original building, pre-cast elements, string courses to establish a datum, tall multi-façeted and multi-lit windows with an infill glass block and red tile accents. Gothic elements are used playfully to reference the original structure.

  • Location

    725 East 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY

  • Client

    Public School

  • Agency


  • Completed


  • Cost

    $30 million

  • Team

    Lehr Associates
    Albert P. Kung PE
    Tratoros Construction