Akiko’s humanity and good nature are ever present, strongly influencing her design work and shaping her ability to bring disparate interests together to work as a team. Whether dealing with the latest unexpected construction SNAFU or devising a plan to resolve a difficult situation, Akiko’s well-defined sense of humor stands her in good stead.

Balancing client needs with her lifelong interest in urban design and real-world sustainable building, Akiko works closely with her clients to bring their building projects from the drawing board to reality. With a wealth of experience drawn from nearly two decades as a practicing architect, she is at ease helming projects ranging from multi-million dollar developments to single unit interior renovations. Akiko also spearheads UAI’s work in technical review consulting for the New York State Homeless Housing Assistance Program, providing architectural review and construction monitoring services from the early stages of development all the way through the funded buildings’ eventual completion. Akiko pursues an abiding commitment to design for people of all ages and physical capabilities by serving as a repeat member of the Technical Committee for Accessibility working to revise and keep current the New York City Building Codes. Coming from a background that includes working for several architectural firms in a variety of contexts, Akiko continually draws upon her cross-cultural exposure to focus UAI on best serving the needs of those who will inhabit our buildings.