Michael has always had an interest in housing – the idea of home is what led him to pursue a career in architecture. He believes unequivocally that everyone has a right to housing and values his role in helping to provide it. A keen observer of both natural and urban forms, his natural curiosity and interest in research leads him to explore what others might overlook.

Having lived much of his life in New York City, Michael brings extensive experience designing at multiple architectural scales in diverse urban environments to his work at UAI. Detail-oriented and meticulous, his wide-ranging knowledge in a variety of areas makes him an indispensable resource to his colleagues. With experience in multi-family housing designed to LEED standards, he is adept at keeping an eye on all aspects of a job when designing, balancing the imperatives of zoning, codes and constructability. Whether working on the quick sprint of a feasibility study or RFP, or the long haul of a complex, mixed use development, Michael can always be relied on to bring his best.