880 Tinton Avenue

880 Tinton Avenue is a 4-story building in the Bronx for Odyssey House, sponsored by the OMH.  It consists of 65 studios and common spaces that embrace the many programs that are part of the recovery and development process for the tenants.  The design responds to the prominent corner site with a tower-like projection clad in a transparent curtain wall showcasing double-height tenant lounges and program spaces that can host the various art and computer workshops and counseling programs of the Agency.  The rear yard has been designed with an amphitheater, including a performance platform and ascending levels of seating to accommodate the theater program and assemble the participants of the running program.  


 To create a sustainable, maintainable building for the owners, simple energy conservation features are planned for the building such as sunshades to limit excess solar gain at the south-facing lounges, low-flow plumbing fixtures and vacancy sensors in the public areas to turn off lighting when the spaces are not in use.

880 Tinton Avenue
Bronx, NY
Agency: OMH
Cost: $11.8 million
Completed: October 2013
Spray-on foam insulation (R-6.6/inch), VRV units, condensing boilers, native plants, finish materials with recycled content, reflective roof, low-VOC paint, low flow fixtures, dual flush and low flow toilets, occupancy sensors, energy star appliances and lighting
Project Credits
GACE Consulting Engineers
EMTG Engineers
Jimi Billingsley Photography