880 Tinton Avenue is a 4-story with cellar building in the Bronx developed by Odyssey House and sponsored by the NYS Office of Mental Health. The building consists of 65 studios and common spaces that embrace the many programs that are part of the recovery and development process for the tenants. The design responds to the prominent corner site with a tower-like projection clad in a transparent curtain wall showcasing double-height tenant lounges and program spaces that encourage the tenants in recovery to interact and build a community.

To limit excess solar gain at the south-facing lounges and provide greater comfort, sunshades were introduced at the corner windows. The rear yard was designed with an amphitheater, including a performance platform and ascending levels of seating to accommodate the theater program and assemble the participants of the running program.

Among the sustainable design features of the building are a cavity wall system, energy efficient VRV heating and cooling system, energy star appliances and lighting and low flow plumbing fixtures.

  • Location

    880 Tinton Avenue, Bronx, NY

  • Client

    Odyssey House

  • Agency


  • Completed


  • Cost

    $11.8 million

  • Team

    GACE Consulting Engineers
    EMTG Engineers
    Lettire Construction
    Design 2147, Ltd
    Olive Branch Consulting
    Jimi Billingsley Photography